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MyArtBrokerTalks takes you behind the scenes of the contemporary art market. Get the inside scoop from industry insiders & the latest analysis & opinion from the MyArtBroker specialists.

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What Makes An Image Iconic?

Tuesday Nov 28, 2023

Tuesday Nov 28, 2023

What transforms an artwork into an icon, an image that transcends time and space to embed itself in our visual culture? The journey to uncover what makes an image iconic is not just about appreciating a single frame or a stroke of genius: it is about dissecting an intricate tapestry of stories, eras, and innovations that converge in that decisive moment of creation. Indeed, true ‘icon’ status is attributed only to the most unforgettable and ubiquitous images of our time.

Tuesday Nov 28, 2023

In this episode, we discuss MAB100 and Singularity X - our cutting edge technology and algorithm, pathing the way for art valuations and data in the print and multiples shere.

Tuesday Nov 21, 2023

Begun in 1962, Andy Warhol’s universally recognisable Marilyn screen-prints immortalise the Hollywood star in her prime. Creating the paintings and subsequent prints of Marilyn Monroe in response to her tragic death, Warhol displays his lifelong obsession with the iconoclastic glamour and seedy intrigue of pop culture.
In this episode, we are joined by Richard Polsky as we discuss all things value, legacy and authentication of the infamous Marilyn prints.

Thursday Jul 27, 2023

The art market has long been an intriguing and ever-evolving industry, attracting collectors and investors alike. Among the various segments within the art world, blue chip prints and editions hold a prominent position due to their historical significance and provenance. This podcast delves into the fascinating world of consigning blue chip prints and editions, exploring the benefits, challenges, and essential factors to consider when navigating this niche market.

Thursday Jul 13, 2023

With the recent advent of Banksy's CUT & RUN exhibition in Glasgow sparking interest in his market, Charlotte Stewart and Florence Whittaker sit down to discuss the maverick artist. Here, we delve into what happened to the market since its boom in 2020, what's happening now, and speculate what Banksy might do next.

Tuesday May 30, 2023

How Art Collections Are Made For Fantasy Billionaires Like Billion's Bobby Axelrod & Successions’ Logan Roy.
We speak to Fanny Pereire, Art Curator for some of the hottest shows & films - creating art collections for the likes of Succession, Billions, Oceans Eight & more. 
In conversation with Charlotte, Fanny shares how collections are created for these fantasy characters, the work that goes into sourcing or reproducing the artworks, and the fun part... the destruction of these phenomenal copies. 

Monday Apr 03, 2023

In this episode of MyArtBroker Talks, Charlotte and Erin explore the topic of transparency and accessibility within the art market and the journey of investing in art.
This particular podcast is in response to art market analyst, Matt Capasso, who launched a written piece titled - Investing in Art: Worth the Trouble?
How To Invest In Art In 2023: 👈
Matt Capasso's Newsletter: 👈

Thursday Feb 23, 2023

The art of collecting is one thing, having the data to make informed decisions about your purchases, whether for investment or because you just like it... is another.
In this episode, Charlotte Stewart & Neustreet's Anthony McGuire discuss the importance of making data around collectibles accessible and transparent.

MyArtBroker Talks: Art Money

Thursday Jan 26, 2023

Thursday Jan 26, 2023

Starting an art collection can sometimes seem daunting and inaccessible. In this episode, Charlotte Stewart & Art Money’s Angela Roldán discuss how to start an art collection and the financing opportunities available on online markets.

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